INFINITY demonstration and cocreation event in Terrassa last 26th February

Last 26th February, there was a successful demonstration event about the INFINITY product, funded by EIT Health  at Sant Llatzer Hospital in Terrasa-CST, hosted by CST with the support of Leitat, IBV and UPV.

After a warm welcome from Marta Vancells and Maite Garolera (CST), the event started early in the morning with a presentation of the project held by Vicente Traver (UPV) and a short explanation/demo of the product at the hospital to a team of health and social care professionals from the region and more than 20 elderly people currently receiving psychosocial care.

After the demo, audience shared comments, food and drinks whereas different journalist interviewed one of the women that have been already testing the INFINITY platform since early January. Woman is very happy with the experience as you can also check in the different news media where her impressions were collected.

Demonstration activities followed with a guided route for elderly and professionals through the nice streets of Terrassa, where it was proved how using the app, different alarms and questions were raised to the elderly when getting closer to a Point of Interest (POI) as a pharmacy, a  hospital, a social centre …

 After the nice walk with an splendid sun, Vanessa Jimenez and Rakel Poveda, our specialists from IBV took the lead for the cocreation sessions, dividing the people between professionals and elderly. Following IBV’s methodology and due to their great experience on the field, a lot of feedback was collected from the different groups, raising issues for improvement, giving new ideas to cover their needs or even showing their willingness to pay (small) amounts of money to get the INFINITY service.

To sum up, a great event that created awareness not only among the elderly or the professionals but the whole region about the importance of the ICT use to address challenges for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment.

The event got a quite impressive impact on social media and newspapers under the #InfinityEITHealth hashtag. You can see some examples at:

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