MYSPHERA (MYS) is a SME company headquartered in Valencia (Spain – EU) focused on transforming healthcare systems through location and process visibility. Our products are aimed at empowering Clinicians, Patients, and Healthcare Management through IoT smart sensor-driven on-demand actionable information, to improve patient care outcomes while increasing efficient management of resources in hospitals, nursing homes, and active and healthy ageing settings and services. MYS has two business area: RTLS Hospital Process Manger System. It is an IoT process management platform, which is based on our RTLS (Real Time Location System), with smart sensor-driven, on-demand, actionable information to improve patient care outcomes while increasing efficient management of resources. More than 50 health care centres run MYSPHERA product in Spain and France.

The other business arena is our Senior Living system for supporting active ageing of senior people both at home and care institutions called LOCS. LOCS collects information through wireless non-invasive sensors. The kit is composed by a small device placed in every room and in the main door and a tablet that is placed anywhere in the house. The system at elderly’s home sends automatically information and alerts to relative’s smartphones without human intervention. Our background technologies are RTLS, IoT for AHA, Big Data and Analytics.  We have a multidisciplinary staff of 50 persons working on product innovation, product design and development (hard & soft), product deployment and custom engineering, product support, marketing & sales, management. Our Innovation Unit is composed by managers, with 20 years+ of experience in R&I, and technical people. We are participating in 7 H2020 projects.

Sergio Barrionuevo – Project Manager

Dr. Sergio Guillen Barrionuevo (male) Graduate in Electronic Engineering (1976) and Doctor of Telecommunications (Polytechnic University in Valencia, UPV, 1988). He has worked for more than 10 years as Research Fellow of the National Scientific Council (CONICET) of Argentina and as Assistant Professor in the University of Tucumán (Argentina) in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Instrumentation. Since the beginning of his professional career he as combined both, academic and research activities and entrepreneurial undertakings. In 1998, he created the TSB Research Group, “Tecnologías para la Salud y el Bienestar” at the UPV. In 2000, he co-founded the ITACA Research Centre within the UPV where the TSB Research Group is currently ascribed. He has participated in more than 20 V, VI and VII Framework Programme R&D projects in the e-Health and e-Inclusion fields. Worth to mention are PIPS (IP VI FP project), My HEART (IP VI FP project) and SENSATION (IP VI FP Project). He has been technical coordinator of the PERSONA (IST- VI FP project) and Technical Manager of universAAL (IP VII project). He has been member of the management board in HEART CYCLE, OASIS, METABO and VAALID (all VII FP projects) as well as member of the advisory board in Heartways (Research for SMEs – VII FP Project) and MOSAIC (ICT – VII FP project). Currently he is Chief Innovation Officer at MYSPHERA SL, being Deputy Project Coordinator of H2020 LSP ACTIVAGE Project (H2020 732679). He is actively involved in other promising H2020 projects such as BigO (H2020 727688), vCare (H2020 769807), Plan4Act (H2020 FET 732266) and SINTEC (H2020 824984). It is worth to mention that he is Co-Chair of the WG5. Smart living environment for ageing well in the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).

Pilar Sala – Scientific Leader

Mrs. Pilar Sala (female) MSc in Telecommunications Engineering (2001) at the Universitat Politècnica de València. For 15 years she has been researcher at SABIEN group, belonging to ITACA Institute, where she has participated in EU funded projects within the V, VI and VII Framework Programme dealing with health care and social services making use of Information Communication Technologies. Her research focused on the impact assessment of new technologies and services, especially on user experience and user centred design. She has been Technical Manager of VAALID (FP7-ICT-224309), universAAL (FP7-ICT-247950) and REAAL (CIP-325189), and co-coordinator of objective C2.2 of EIP-AHA. Since November 2016, she works as EU Projects Manager in MySphera company, where she is Large Scale Pilot Manager of ACTIVAGE project (H2020-IoT-732679).