People behind INFINITy – Episode 1 – UPM

Episode 1 – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

In this first episode of “People behind INFINITy” blog entry series, we present our coordinator’s team from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in Spain.

In UPM we met Silvia, project manager of INFINITy; Rebeca García, scientific leader; Miguel Páramo, product developer; and María Fernanda Cabrera, activity leader, and we talked with them about UPM leadership.

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Silvia de los Ríos – Project Manager

Challenges and Opportunities of INFINITy

INFINITy faces the challenge of preserving the functional abilities of people with mild cognitive impairments aiming to prolong their independence and autonomy. INFINITy solution offers a great opportunity to empower older adults to keep enjoying their living surroundings.

Rebeca García – Scientific Leader

What do you like the most from INFINITy project?

INFINITy counts with an excellent multidisciplinary team that puts together relevant knowledge in different areas. Thanks to this multidisciplinary, INFINITy will provide relevant findings to current knowledge in this area, as well as a new ICT solution that supports people with MCI to maintain their independence for more years.

Miguel Páramo – Product Developer

Challenges and Opportunities of INFINITy

As software engineer, I have had the chance of participating in several projects were the technical team strived for the successful performance of a variety of technologies that are also being significant for the INFINITy project; the lessons learnt combined with the technical expertise will help reaching the objectives for the project.

María Fernanda Cabrera – Activity Leader

Challenges and Opportunities of INFINITy

This new endeavour represents an opportunity to change the life of people suffering from mild cognitive impairments. It is a big challenge, but we are inspired to do better for the society. This cutting-edge tech will disrupt the way aged people with cognitive decline face their daily tasks. We are looking forward to sharing with you our results!

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