People behind INFINITy – Episode 2 – UPV

In today’s episode of “The people Behind INFINITy”, we present the team from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPVLC) in Spain, and concretely from SABIEN research group.

If you want to know more about UPVLC-SABIEN visit its profile

In UPVLC-SABIEN we met with Vicente Traver, Director of SABIEN, Carlos Fernandez, scientific coordinator, and Zoe Valero, researcher, and talked with them about UPVLC-SABIEN involvement in the project.

Carlos Fernández – Scientific Leader

Out of your previous R&D activities, was there something that has influenced your involvement in INFINITy?

There is a gap in the gathering of evidence from IoT systems trying to discover individual behaviour in elderly patients. I think INFINITy project is a perfect place to support experts to extract knowledge from smart environments in an interactive way and discover new evidence of human behaviour thanks to new technologies like Process Mining.

Zoe Valero – Project Manager

What do you like the most from INFINITy project?

INFINITy is a fantastic opportunity to apply my research background to a specific problem. Moreover, the fact of knowing that behind INFINITy there is real people that will benefit from our solutions in their daily life, is an enormous challenge and responsibility.

 Vicente Traver – Activity Leader

Challenges and Opportunities of INFINITy

After 20 years experience in the digital health field, it’s very challenging for us to bring our knowledge and lessons learnt from other activities in the mental health that can be applied to INFINITY, improving QoL for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment and relatives. We are concerned not only about research itself but how we can push towards a value-based healthcare system, generating evidence to convince policy makers.

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