People behind INFINITy – Episode 3 – LEITAT Technological Center

In today’s episode of “The people Behind INFINITy”, we present LEITAT Technological Center in Barcelona, Spain.

If you want to know more about LEITAT, you can visit its profile.

In LEITAT we met Dr. Manel Balcells Director of the Healthcare LivingLab Catalonia and Health Commissioner of LEITAT and Miriam Corredor Sánchez, Project Manager in LEITAT .

Challenges and Opportunities of INFINITy

In the frame of our LivingLab, INFINITY project offers a new approach to the increasing and high prevalence problem of the Alzheimer disease and cognitive impairments in general.

The interactive technological platform with patients/citizens with the city and environment is a clear example of the approach of the projects we are promoting.

Which experience from previous projects are you integrating?

Actually in CIMTI, another initiative from LEITAT, we are supporting projects in line with this problem because we are looking for new approaches to the chronic pathologies and above with solutions “at home” of the patients.

We have also applied for funding for a new project related to socio-sanitary field that will have synergies with INFINITy. At the end, we are all pushing for new healthcare models where the Technology will be a key aspect and where the experiences of one project will be useful for the rest of them in the innovative community that represents the LivingLab.

What do you like the most?

The suitability of the individual needs that the App is offering and the support it gives to the daily life interacting with the current environment of the person.

INFINITy becomes a useful tool that not only reinforces memory, but also delays the effects of Alzheimer disease and the consequently reduction of the quality of life.

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