General impact

The primary and most significant impact of INFINITy is related to safeguarding the independence and QoL of the elderly citizens with MCI and mild dementia, by supporting them in preserving their functional abilities, extending their autonomy, as well as prolonging their active participation in the society. This will be realised through:

  • Physical Wellbeing: INFINITy supports to enhance the physical health and wellbeing of people with MCI and mild dementia through the promotion of citizen engagement, social activity, and self-confidence.
  • Cognitive Wellbeing: INFINITy contributes to early detection of cognitive-related risk factors and aging-related psychological risks that could be predictors of navigational impairments, cognitive issues, and/or early behavioural changes related to the development of MCI and its evolution towards dementia.
  • Social Interaction: INFINITy leads to avoid isolation of elderly citizens by supporting social interaction and autonomous mobility trough a personalised system that enhance their self-confidence and security while performing daily activities.
  • Personalised services: INFINITy provides a personalised system tailored to users’ preferences and daily activities.

Societal impact

INFINITy supports elderly with MCI and mild dementia with personalised interventions that will allow them to maintain and extend their independence, lifestyle, and their physical and social activities.

INFINITy assessments and outcomes help clinicians to provide appropriate treatments that could slow down the progression of the disease producing benefits on their QoL, as a preventive measure, leading to a huge reduction in social and healthcare costs derived from the care of elderly people.

Economic impact

INFINITy addresses the increase in the global cost of MCI by offering:

  • Mature technology and system tested in real-life scenarios (outdoor and indoor);
  • Support in outdoor environments while performing daily living activities;
  • Sustainable business scenarios and exploitation opportunities as tested during the pilots;
  • Low cost system integration and maintenance.