INFINITy enables people with Mild Cognitive Impairments to preserve their functional abilities by empowering and extending their autonomy in indoor and outdoor surroundings.

INFINITy integrates a set of mature technologies, which are being developed into a commercial product adapted to the silver market. The objective is to facilitate the identification of daily living activities and to provide support safeguarding their independence and quality of life while performing their routines.

Finally, INFINITY is driving to the market an ICT solution that supports the independence living of people with mild cognitive impairments while slowing down the progression of the disease.

In order to meet its objectives, INFINITy has setup a technical infrastructure to provide the following functionalities:

  • Support elderly people with cognitive impairments in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities;
  •  Monitor user activities in an unobtrusive way;
  • Enable easy, transparent and contextualise access through the INFINITy integrated application.