This activity is in charge of planning, setting up the environment and performing the evaluation of the project in three different sites:

  • Madrid (Spain): at the Smart House Living Lab, for the testing in a controlled environment.
  • Barcelona (Spain): through the Healthcare Innovation Lab and its associated hospitals and dementia research centres, in a small neighbourhood located in Terrassa (Barcelona).
  • Lodz (Poland): in one of the five districts of Lodz.

Testbeds are organised in three main tasks:

Tasks 1: Testbeds planning

Establishing the population studied, demographics (education, age, marital status), settings, number of patients in the active and control group, should patients live with familiy or not, level of independence.

Task 2: Recruitment

The sources of patients, the ways of recruitment, the time for trainning for active use.

Task 3: Onsite testbeds

Establishing the tools of assessments – the primary and secondary objectives of the study