The Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) is a technological centre that studies the behavior of the human body and its interaction with products, environments and services.

With the aim to improve competitiveness among the business sector, the IBV promotes people’s well-being through the combination of knowledge in areas such as biomechanics, ergonomics and emotional engineering, and its application to diverse sectors. Here we have their team working in INFINITy Project:

Rakel Poveda

Master in Social Welfare. Degreein Social Work and Social Gerontology (Universitatde València). She works since 1993, as Senior Reasearcher, at the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV). Since 2015 She is assistant Professor at the Social Work Department of the Universitat de València.  She has participated and conducted R+D projects inseveral national and European calls (AAL, CIP-ICT,Avanza, Plan Nacional). She has published several articles and books in national and international publications. She works in the area of ageing and people with disabilities with especial focus on: characterization of the  technologies users and their problematic, as well as the development of methodologies for user friendly design and accessibility.

Raquel Ruiz

Degree in Agriculture Engineering, Degree in Environmental Sciences. She has been working at the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV) as an Innovation Manager ever since2007. Currently she develops her job in the MarketDevelopment Area, within the IBV. She closely collaborates on the management, coordination and dissemination of the vast majority of national as well as international proposals carried out by theIBV. She has a degree in Risk Prevention in the Workplace and has specialized in the Laboral Health Area.

Vanessa Jiménez

Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Social Work. She also has a Master in Human Resources Management. She joined the IBV in April 2018 as Researcher in the People’s Needs and Wants Research Department. She has worked previously as Market Researcher at GfK and has experience in Social Reseacrh in International research Projects in the area of Market Opportunities and Innovation.