MUL is among the largest state-owned medical universities in Poland. It has reached the leading position in the research areas such as: immunology, molecular biology, genetics of homeostasis disorders, oncology, hypertension and endocrinology. Within the last two years, young researchers from MUL were considered leaders in areas such as cardiology, oncology, immunology and dermatology.

Following we present MUL research team involved in INFINITy Project.

Prof. Assoc. Jakub Kaźmierski

Prof. Kazmierski currently holds the position of head of the Department of Old Age Psychiatry and Psychotic Disorders, Medical University of Lodz. He is a physician and psychiatrist. He defended his doctoral thesis with distinction in 2008. In 2015 he obtained the postdoctoral degree of medical science. He is the leader of many research activities, he trains students, doctors, future psychiatrists. His scientific interest and research projects are related to the issue of delirium after surgical interventions, cognitive impairment, psychotic disorders, problems of old age psychiatry. From 2011 to 2012, He was a director of a scientific grant aimed at assessing the pathogenic factors of postoperative delirium. This research resulted in publications in recognized international journals and the prize awarded by the European Psychosomatic Society for the best study devoted to psychosomatic research. Since 2017, He has been a director of the grant of the National Centre of Science, within which he continues the research in the field of psychosomatics.  

Anna Łucka

Anna Łucka graduated in medicine at the Medical University of Lodz. Currently, she is in the process of specialization in psychiatry and she works in the Central Clinical Hospital in Lodz. She is a PhD student at the Medical University of Lodz in the Department of Old Age Psychiatry and Psychotic Disorders. Concerning her research activity, she conducts the study on metabolic disorders in elderly patients with a diagnosis of depression. As part of her scientific work, she participates in research projects and publishes scientific articles concerning, among others, elderly patients with depression or dementia.

Zuzanna Rosa

Zuzanna Rosa is a psychologist. She graduated psychology from the University of Lodz, specialty in clinical and health psychology. She started her professional career as psychologist in Senior Activity Center, providing individual therapy and group activities that aimed to prevent dementia. Currently she works as an assistant in the Department of Old Age Psychiatry of the Central Clinical Hospital in Lodz.

Zuzanna is a PhD student in Medical University of Lodz, the Department of Old Age Psychiatry and Psychotic Disorders. Her research project concerns adult ADHD. She participated in conferences and workshops for dissemination of projects results and she is the author of scientific papers in national and international conferences.