UPVLC is a 45 years old institution adding up over 42.000 people, comprising 10 technical schools, 3 faculties and 2 higher polytechnic schools in three campuses, one in the city of Valencia and two externals. UPVLC-SABIEN is the major research group in e-Inclusion and e-Health of the UPVLC, and one of the most relevant ones at the national level, with a research trajectory of 18 years.

UPVLC-SABIEN has an extensive expertise in the application of ICT to the social and healthcare systems, in Ambient Assisted Living technologies (AAL), and Internet of Things (IoT) and also in reengineering and evaluation and validation of social and health care processes and solutions in real environments, not only dealing with the generation of indicators but also user and business centred data, including a long experience in using mobile technologies for health and social purposes.

UPVLC-SABIEN team working:

Carlos Fernández – Scientific Leader

Scientific Coordinator at SABIEN-ITACA. He is an IT Engineer and a Doctor in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition at Valencia Polytechnic University. He has worked on more than twenty European, national and regional projects. He has had more than seventy scientific articles published, and has sat on more than fifty programme committees in congresses and conferences, in which on more than five occasions he has been the president of the scientific committee. His research is fundamentally focused on the management, representation, automation and automatic learning of processes, using Process Mining techniques for their application to the areas of health and well-being. He also has wide experience in consultancy and as an I.T. analyst.

Zoe Valero – Project Manager

Qualified as a Telecommunications Engineer at Universitat Politècnica de València and is currently studying for a PhD. She has more than 10 years experience in research and management of European and national health projects for the SABIEN group. Her research is focused on the application of process mining technologies to health care processes. A motivated and responsible person, she is continually striving towards innovative solutions to create value and improve quality of life.

 Vicente Traver – Activity Leader

Prof. Dr. Vicente Traver. MSC (1998) and PhD (2004) in Telecommunications Engineering by Universidad Politècnica de València IEEE- EMBS member. Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Universidad Politècnica de València. General Manager of the Innovative UPV-SABIEN. Member of the Academic Board for the interuniversity Master on Biomedical Engineering at Valencia. Coordinator of the cluster Healthy Living, which combines six different R&D university groups working in the field from different approaches. Since 1998, his research focus is e-health and integrated care, especially on the provision of home health care services through ICT and the concept of the patient empowerment and the citizen as health co-producer. He has participated in more than 30 EU funded projects (from IV until Horizon2020), Spanish funded projects and taken part in multiple research agreements with companies, dealing most of them with health care and social services making use of ICT.